Linux Server setup

Process manager PM2

In this chapter, we will install the PM2 process manager.

A process manager simplifies the starting and stopping of, for example, Node.js or Python applications.

Install PM2

Install PM2 with apt and an installation script:

__$ apt update && apt install sudo curl && curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

Or if npm is already installed:

__$ npm install pm2 -g

PM2 CLI Post-install autocomplete:

__$ pm2 completion install

Standard commands to PM2

PM2 process list

__$ pm2 list

PM2 monitoring

__$ pm2 monit

Start PM2 process

__$ pm2 start [start-file.ext]

Show trailing logs

__$ pm2 logs

Empty all log files

__$ pm2 flush

Restart PM2 process

__$ pm2 reload [ID]

Restart all PM2 processes

__$ pm2 reload all

Stop PM2 process

__$ pm2 stop [ID]

Stop all PM2 processes

__$ pm2 stop all

Delete PM2 process

__$ pm2 delete [ID]

Delete all PM2 processes

__$ pm2 delete all