Linux Server setup

Setting up a Linux web server

Part 1 of the "Linux Web Server" tutorial.

The goal of this comprehensive tutorial is to build a secure and productive Linux server that can run web applications or other services.

We'll start from the beginning. To be able to work through the whole tutorial, all you need is a computer with Internet access.

Requirements for this tutorial

  • Computer with internet access
  • approx. 5 Dollar per month for server rent and domain

This is not a "Hello World" guide, so it is important to actually rent a server.

Much emphasis is placed on the fact that the server can be used productively in the end. Therefore, IT security is a particular focus. In this context, it is also possible to argue about how approaches and principles should be implemented. The techniques used here are explained and justified. Whether you want to follow them or prefer a different solution is, of course, up to you.

It makes no difference with which operating system you work. Consideration will be given to Windows, Mac and Linux in due course. Since we work mostly on the server, there are only a few places that are affected.

So that we call a spade a spade, in my case the domain is called, the server IP is and the username tom. You must of course replace it with your data at the appropriate place.

For email addresses, I intentionally misspell the domain ( to protect my server from spam.

We start with chapter 1.1 Rent a Cloud Server.

Table of contents

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