Linux Server setup

Make a backup or snapshot of the server

A backup or snapshot is optional and can be skipped.

A service for backing up the hard disk must be paid for additionally with most hosters. The automatic creation of backups is recommended for productive use at the latest.

It is worthwhile to save the current state as a snapshot. This saves time and work if you ever want to set up your server (or another one) again.


Snapshots are copies of the entire server created at any point in time. They are not tied to a server and can be applied to any server.

At the time of writing, the cost is 0.013$ per GB and per month. This corresponds to 0,48$ per month for a CPX11 with 40 GB.

Create snapshot

In the Hetzner Cloud under the "Snapshots" tab, a dialog opens via the "take snapshot" button. A description text must be entered. With "Create and buy now" an image of the server is created.

create snapshot
snapshots overview

Rebuild snapshot

In the overview page, the image is copied to the server via the "Rebuild" button on the corresponding snapshot. All data on the server is overwritten with the snapshot.

rebuild snapshot
confirm rebuild


Backups are copies of the entire server that are created automatically every day. A maximum of 7 can exist at the same time. Thus, a backup can be retrieved for a maximum of one week.

At the time of writing, the cost is 20% of the server rate. For CPX11, this equals $1.07 per month.

Enable automatic backups

In the Hetzner Cloud under the "Backups" tab, a dialog opens via the "enable backups" button. With "enable and buy now", the process is started and a backup is created daily. A backup can also be made immediately via "run manual backup".

enable daily backups
create backup manually
backups overview

Rebuild backup

The corresponding backup is restored from the list via the "Rebuild". As with snapshots, all data is overwritten.

rebuild backup
confirm rebuild