Linux Server setup

Add server

In the project we click "create server", which opens the menu for creating a cloud server.

We will make only a few server configurations, most of the standard defaults can simply be taken over. I choose the server type "CPX11" with two virtual CPU cores. The "CX11" with one core is a bit cheaper and would be sufficient for our purposes.

As "Image" we choose Ubuntu. The server location doesn't really matter, I choose Nuremberg here. The name of the server is freely selectable, I call the "SRV1".

If you get a "SSH key" message, you can simply ignore it. We will create an SSH key on the server later.

Configuration summary

  • Location: any
  • Image: Ubuntu
  • Type: Standard (CPX11)
  • Volume: -
  • Network: -
  • Firewalls: -
  • Additional features: -
  • SSH key: -
  • Name: SRV1 (the name is arbitrary, I name it SRV1)

I would also like to point out: at the time of writing, for example, the offer is cancellable hourly. The contractual conditions (price, term, etc.) may have changed over time and may differ from the screenshots.

By clicking on "create and buy now", you are bindingly concluding the process.

Add a server to the project:
add Server
configure and order
server created

The server is usually active immediately and an email is sent with the IP and the root password. We don't really need the password, because later we will reinstall Linux and set a new password. We continue with the domain registration.